Naina Digital Studio

" Any person can pick up a camera and become a photographer, but not everyone can be an artist..."

Naina Studio, known as Naina Digital Studio was Establish in “1962” in Borsad, near Anand Gujarat, India

By Our Guru (God Father) Manubhai Soni & Kishanbhai Soni.They taught us three words in life and that is hard work,Sincerity and Commitment about our work.

With that blessing we started our business in different part of the world. Anish & Bhavin Soni (India), Dipen Soni & Brijal Soni (USA) are mainly Photographer and Cinematographer along with Soni family.We all learned in well-known photography and film school in India and Canada.

Naina Digital Studio has been utilized in a variety of fields from All Wedding photography/Videography to editorial and fashion works. We welcome every contract and commission as a challenge to our creativity works. This creative drive is perhaps what differentiates Our work from that of other photographers; Our artistic momentum is strong and solid, leading us toward visual discoveries, subtle tones and delicate light that are always surprising… oftentimes breathtaking.

We use High-end Nikon/Sony/Panasonic DSLR/DSLT’S cameras and variety of lenses for our work; however, we think that it's neither the camera nor the eye of the photographer that takes good picture. It is present between our two ears that are our brain and what we have memorized in it since the day we were born. That's why we always rely on our imagination and our feeling and try to see the picture in our mind and let it touch our soul before we press the release button on the camera.